Acasă Azerbaidjan Transgaz can provide necessary infrastructure for safe Azerbaijani gas supply to Europe

Transgaz can provide necessary infrastructure for safe Azerbaijani gas supply to Europe

For Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR, Romania’s gas network operator Transgaz can provide the necessary infrastructure for the safe and efficient delivery of the gas volumes from Azerbaijan to the European market, Niculae Havrileț, State Secretary of the Ministry for Economy, Energy and Business Environment of Romania, told Trend.


„I mentioned before that Romania is interested in extensive cooperation with Azerbaijan, a country with significant potential for the diversification of transport routes and energy supply sources for the European market. I mentioned the BRUA project and the RO-BG and RO-HU interconnectors. Establishing an energy transport Corridor between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, that would capitalize on the energy resources from the Caspian Sea area on one hand, and on the exploitation of the strategic position of Romania and Bulgaria at the Black Sea on the other hand, has a significant potential of increasing energy security both for Romania and Bulgaria and for the European Union in general,” he said.

Havrileț pointed out that the establishment of a tripartite Working Group Azerbaijan-Romania-Bulgaria would thus be a natural step and the appropriate cooperation framework in the common pursuit to shape the gas transport corridors linking Azerbaijan, via Bulgaria and Romania, with the Balkans and Central Europe.

For the Romanian natural gas transmission operator Transgaz, SOCAR Company can become a bridge to Azerbaijan and the Caspian region, added the state secretary.


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